UniversoLED product update13th July 2016

We’ve added UniversoLED to our products pages as we believe it’s a fabulous product with the ability to solve many tricky lighting situations.



The range can cater for many different aplications from single suspensions to multilamp configurations with the ability be powered from a single lighting point. It is deal for areas such as historic bulidings where decorations cannot be disturbed and for applications where routing of new cabling for lights is restricted.





The product combines high performance and innovative lighting technology with the skills and craftmanship of Italian artisans. Each lighting body is suspended and connected to the ceiling rose with a thin plait-like cable and fixed to the ceiling with a small transparent support nipple. The ceiling roses come in various sizes and switching options giving full flexibilty and integration into your project.

Please contact us for further details regarding the options available and click here to visit our product page UniversoLED