Home Automation, security & data communications

Home Automation is really about gaining simple control over some of the important aspects of your home, such as heating, lighting, security, communications, energy use and of course, entertainment. By bringing these, usually discreet systems together under the supervision of a control system we can deliver real benefits and convenience.

Good security can involve the integration of a number of functions; door and gate access control, CCTV, intruder alarm sensors, fire alarm sensors, remote monitoring services etc.

Our control systems can integrate these functions with audio system, lighting, motorised blinds etc. to not only replicate your behaviour when you’re not home but also give any would be intruders sufficient reason to think twice.

Imagine their surprise when the entertainment system springs into life on full volume, every light in the home comes on, the alarm sirens kick in and the CCTV camera swings round to get a better view.

When it comes to telecommunications, one thing you can be certain of is change. Changing devices and changing requirements in the home means the key to designing a future proof home communication infrastructure is flexibility.

By adopting the structured cabling methodology already widely used in business, all kinds of functionality becomes possible. Open the front gates from any telephone, configure a phone to be used as a baby monitor, transfer calls, or announce to the whole house that dinner is ready!

The very same network allows your computers to share files and printers, and allows all your computers, games consoles and other enabled devices to connect to the internet.

With our specialist partners we can help you select the right solutions for you individual circumstances.