Commercial Lighting Design

Good lighting is so important, it has a direct influence on how you feel about a space, your mood and your well being. Getting it wrong therefore can have massive consequences, not only of the cost of putting it right but also how the space looks and feels.

  • Lux level lighting verification

  • 3D visual renders

  • Luminaires from any manufacturer

At Light-U we understand how light works and how it can affect our interaction with a space. Lighting isn’t just about filling a space with light, it’s about understanding the space, how it will be used, who will be using it and strategically positioning lights using the right colour to work with the interior finishes and utilising the architectural features to ultimately create mood & interest for the user.

Basic 3D render

Basic 3D render

Complex 3D render

Complex 3D render

Operating independently of any other manufacturer, and utilizing industry standard lighting design software we are able to accurately model the resulting light levels achievable by a proposed lighting installation. We are able to incorporate luminaires from any source with available photometric data, unlike manufacturers who are limited to using their own fittings.

Results are presented by lux level diagrams, rendered 3D visuals and animations which can clearly assist you understand your project and help create a solution that is aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, exciting and cost effective.

Our designs meet all the current regulations and guidelines effecting lighting and electrical installations, including emergency lighting standards.

  • CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) lighting guidelines
  • SLL (Society of Light and Lighting) lighting level guide
  • Sport England lighting guidelines
  • ILP (Institute of Lighting Professionals) guidelines that include consideration for bats and other wildlife, reduction of obtrusive light etc.

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